Run or fly. Either way, In Hell, one dies.

Scene 2: Where is that laughter coming from?

Bleeding and weary… The hero’s licked their wounds and burned the evil village Brimhall to the ground. It seemed to be a place of ritual for the dark beings, a place of evil and suffering…. After finding hidden magical artifacts, it is questioned as to who hid them there. Each question brought up another… “Where am I? Who are you? What is that? How did I get here?” Confusion seemed to be riddled throughout this land and with it came destruction and misery. It will take truly determined minds to find ones path here…. With only bad memories to call upon, to escape with ones mind still intact, would be a feat indeed.

Watching the village burn, the hero’s hear another strange humming noise, similar to the first. But this time it was accompanied by cheery laughter. Leading deep into the woods. Mugs of Ale could be heard clanking against another, with this sound came a feeling, a peculiar, yet familiar feeling…



Speed 6
Power 6

(Verbally) As we are probably going to be traveling together I think introductions are in order. I am Corwin son of Oberon of Amber.

I will hold on to the two flask until we get the contents identified; unless someone wants to be the volunteer to drink this elixir of mystery. I would like to read the two books and see if there is any Magic that can be attached to an object and self casting with motions.

We need to get to a village or something. I do not care if we go back to the main road or towards the sounds of revelry. I will pull the travios since I am the least injured.

(Thought) Crazy person please do not take the flaming sword. The last thing we need is a looney setting himself on fire.

(Movement) I pull the travios with the most injured person on it to which ever direction is chosen.


Speed: 3
Power 4

[Verbal: "Ah yes…introductions are in order after that incident. My name is Karcadian, but you can just call me Kar. I’m not anyone special really. Just an elf that was banished from his home.

If you don’t mind I’d like to study those books as well. Fire is kind of my thing and the more I could learn to control it would be useful to me. It is kind of you to be willing to help carry the wounded as you have. I’m sure he feels the same.

A village would be a good thing. Finding an Inn where we can rest and heal from our wounds would be helpful. What do you suggest (gesturing towards the other)? Towards the main road, or towards the humming and sounds of revelry?]

[Movement: I will follow whichever direction is chosen between us. My balance a big staggered from injuries but I will maintain a pace that will not force further bodily stress.]


Speed 4
Power 3

[Thoughts: Flickering flames… a smoldering village.]
[Action: I pick up the Flaming sword, my hand experiences a cooling sensation as I grasp the handle.]
[Verbal: "It’s a pleasure, I am Mattix the Dark Smile. Don’t be alarmed, my sanity is still very much within a measure of control… and with this burning sword I will once again raze villages to the ground… my twisted soul devouring our enemies.—- Oh and I will drink one of those flasks, if all are agreed to use me as a test dummey? —Ahh (I wince in pain from my wounds) Plus if their bad, couldn’t hurt to kill off the crazy guy right?]

[Movement: I move towards Corwin hand outstretched]


Speed 6
Power 4

(Thought) The crazy guy with a flaming sword drinking a portion that might … make him more sane? possibly turn him against us? If it kills him we won’t have him, of course he is a wild card so I do not know if we can depend on him.

(Verbally) Just have a swig if the potions turns you into a homicidal maniac I do not want the effects lasting long.

I do not think we should go towards the sounds of revelry. They sound very close to this village were these creatures were. Who would build or live in a village so close to here that the sounds can be heard from here. Lets go to the main road and follow it in the other direction.

We can come back if we feel inclined after we have more information about this place.

(Action) Toss a flask to Mattix.

(movement) I start heading towards the main road in the opposite direction of the noise.


Speed 4
Power 6

[Verbal: Agreed. Let’s head back to the main road. I feel very unprepared for this place. It is a pleasure to make both your aquaintances.]

[Movement: I take my place at the rear of the group, holding the torch high to illuminate the space ahead of us as we move. ]


Upon deciding to ignore the urge to investigate the strange sounds. The Hero’s began to walk in the opposite direction. Dust clung to their ankles as they traveled this ancient road. The humming faded behind them…

CORWIN: As you read the book True Nature, you sense a strange glow coming off of your fellow travelers. The writing within the book disappears.
(You have been granted the ability to sense others true natures! Friends and Foes. Revealing their personality types.) I’ve sent you an email with this information

KARCADIAN: As you read the book Fire Casting, you feel a great surge of energy rush over you. Warm to the touch, the writing within the book disappears. You feel as though you could burn a body with the flick of your wrist. (This book grants the ability to cast minor fireballs, dealing base damage of 6 +power bonus!)

MATTIX: Upon taking the potion from Corwin, you feel your wounds repair themselves from within. But with excruciating pain. You are now at full health Laying upon Corwin’s travios, looking up you see crows flying towards the direction you and your fellow travelers walk in, as you clutch your new found sword. (An ancient looking sword that is hot to the touch. Add + 1 to each melee attack with this weapon)

After a few hours of walking, It should have been morning… Yet the world around them remained dark. Traveling this dark road the hero’s looked up to find a figure standing in the middle of their path, shrouded by the darkness.


Speed 6
Power 10

(Thought) I really do not want to fight right now. I hope he just points us towards the nearest city so we can get information.

(Verbal to others) Be ready for anything.
To other guy:
Hail, traveler. Can you tell us which way to the nearest outpost or village? Or any cities in the area.

(movement) I slow my pace, but keep walking on the main road.

(Action) I ready myself for an ambush or attack.


Speed: 6
Power: 7

[Thoughts: Seriously…why can’t we just get a break from everyone wanting to kill us. What the heck is this place that is tainted with so much evil]

[Verbal: (In a whisper) Mattix…Stay down…it’s better this person thinks we are travelers with wounded. They may be more willing to let us pass.]

[Movement: I take my place next to Corwin with the torch in hand hoping to illuminate this figure and have a better idea of what we are facing but not close enough to startle them or provoke them]

[Action: I ready for a possible attack or the need to flee despite my wounds]


Speed: 8
Power: 4

[Thoughts: hmmm… if Karkadian is right then we have a greater chance of getting somewhere unscathed, if not well then at least we have the element of surprise, which I know all too well in this business; is worth any opinion regardless how embarrassing the trick may be.]

[Verbal/Action: I wink at Kar and then faint a wounded expression, gripping the sword hilt lightly as I listen and anticipate the next move.]


Mysterious Person: (Responding to Corwin, and cackling darkly)“Yes… Yes there are villages. More like the one you just razed… My old home in fact… (Karcadian’s light illuminates the mysterious person. Cloaked, you were able to catch a glimpse of what seemed to be an old bearded man, grimacing. His flesh rotting from his face.)
I can sense from your confused looks, you do not yet know where you are…. But In time you shall… This land is a clouded mirror, and is called by many names. You are not the first to be brought here. But with my help, you shall be the first to escape it. Take this, and heed my words for they will lead your way…”


With a humming sound
A shining coin is tossed
In hopes that luck will come
In the worst of times,
It must be true for some.

(*At the end of the mans riddle, he faded into nothingness. His last words echoing on the wind.)

EDIT: The old man gave the hero’s an old faded map with the riddle written on the back. (The glowing red is where the humming seems to be coming from. This humming seems to be coming from a different location then the first. The Blue is where you are )

To see Map, Click Here


Speed 4
Power 9

(Thought) A riddle? Just what I need.

(Verbal ) Sigh heavily. Well, as we have no more information to go on, I think we should believe him; We have zero other information to go off of. Also his if he was trying to mess with us there are better ways to do it that a blasted riddle. Mattix how do you feel after drinking that potion?

(movement after Mattix answers the question) towards the red area.


Speed: 6
Power: 8

[Thoughts: After all that and this is what we have to deal with…I don’t have the energy to think about this]

[Verbal: Agreed…we might as well move back towards where we came.]

[Movement: Turn around and start walking back the way we came towards the humming sound.]


Upon walking towards the direction that the Old Man pointed you in, you find someone stumble out onto the road…

@Cuodin Drahv

Comment with the following…
Speed Roll: 1d6 + Bonus (Currently 2)
Power Roll: 1d8 + Bonus (Currently 1)

1 movement action: Within 30 feet. In combat.

1 Attack action: Within range

1 Verbal action: To yourself or those in hearing distance

Or negate 1 or more of the three. Forfeiting an action or turn.


Speed 7
Power 12

(Thought) Another lost traveler? What an unlucky sod. Or a trap…but probably not. Either way we need to be wary.

(Movement) Walk towards the stranger.

(Verbal ) Hail traveler. What are you doing in this god forsaken place?

(Action) Use the book of True Nature to see into the traveler’s soul.


Speed 5
Power 8

Upon seeing another person in this forsaken place I become wary of their intentions once again. Taking place behind Corwin, I move cautiously forward toward the strange

[Verbal: In a low whisper to Corwin “Careful Corwin…I’m still bleeding and we really don’t need any more problems”]


Speed: 6
Power: 4

Action> Attack! I pick a rock up from the road and hurl it carelessly – but aggressively – into the darkness from which I had stumbled.

Thought> Q! You’re not alone on the road anymore!

Movement> After making my haphazard attack, I compose myself: I brush the hair from my eyes, straighten my clothes, and dust myself off.

Verbal> Did you see that thing out there? Looked hungry! I scared it off though – no hell-bound beast is a match for the fantastic Cuodin! Did you see me fight it off? Did you… no. Guess not. Well? Have I grown horns? (I gingerly feel my head for horns with both hands). No. I haven’t. What are you lot starin’ at? I’m not gonna eat you!

I wait in impatient silence…


Speed: 9
Power: 5


… what the hell am I doing in this thing and what the hell have I been thinking for the past several hours?]

As my thoughts return to me I become aware of the new traveler in the road, everyone’s words suddenly begin to fall into place in my mind.]

[Action: I jump out of the travios and walk towards the others, the magic bottle of red outstretched in my hand.]

[Verbal: Here guys, this will help you… I’m feeling much better, and admittedly a little more sane than I was before. It should heal each of your wounds as well. Newcomer, you should try some too, if there’s any left after my friends here have had their share, I mean they did earn it pulling me around and slaying those beasts back there, my name is Mattix by the way, what’s yours? …]


CORWIN: Using the power given to you by the Book of True Nature You are able to sense this strangers true nature! (Email Sent).

KARCADIAN: Remaining wary of this stranger, you feel your wounds stinging painfully. The bite marks seem to be turning black….

CUODIN: The rock you hurl cracks against a thick tree and then falls to the ground with a thud!

MATTIX: Jumping out of Corwin’s travois and offering what was left of your Flask, You still feel a bit woozy, but almost back to normal. (Having only had a sip of the Flask. 1/3 you have been healed 10HP)

EVERYONE: Upon Cuodin’s rock hitting the tree. You notice the humming sound has gone, and with it came an eerie silence…. Not even the wind could be heard.


Speed 8
Power 9

(Thought) If I did not know better, I would say this new comer is an imp of the Courts of Chaos. He was probably one of the sentries, it will be good to have a strong warrior; assuming he is from a world I have seen.

(Movement) Move the sheath to the back sheath. I take the travios apart and take hold one of the spears both hands. Leave the other on the ground.

(Verbal ) I do not like the silence.

(Action) I look for any movement in my peripheral vision, while scanning the woods.


Speed 5
Power 9

(Thoughts… What the heck…. what is wrong with this guy… Here we are bleeding and tired… And he acts like whatever attacked him wasn’t a big deal… Oh boy!)

(Action: I reach for the flask that Mattix offered and take a swig.)

Verbal: let’s hope this helps. These bite marks don’t look so good. Mattix how are you feeling now! (To the newcomer) I’m Karcadian…but you can call me Kar.

Movement: no movement. I will keep my distance for now and maintain the light of the torch…assuming it’s still lit.


Speed: 6
Power: 4

Action> I spread my hands, palms up.

Thought> (These guys look tough and serious. Smile, make friendly, I’ve got nothing to hide… besides, I’ve been so lonely… don’t mess this up! Don’t be strange!)

Movement> I take a few cautious steps towards the group of travelers.

Verbal> (to Mattix) Greetings, Mattix – seems you’ve had healthier days, doesn’t it? Thanks for the offer, but no. I always never drink what strangers offer me out of the blue. Tends to happen often, strangely enough – or not so strangely considering my dashingly handsome roguish smile! (I flash a winning smile).

(to Karcadian) And greetings to you, as well, Kar. I’m Cuodin Drahv, the Great! But you can call me, ‘Cuodin Drahv, the Great!’ My greatness has yet to be proven, but I’m sure it will make itself apparent prior to my last breath – hopefully! All prophesies aside, you may call me Cuodin, or ‘Q’ if you prefer.

(to Corwin) Finally, I bid a cheery hello to the grim and anxious one. You may have heard me a moment ago – but I so enjoy my name that I don’t mind another introduction: I am Cuodin Drahv, the Majestic. You may call me, Q. I didn’t catch your name, did I?

(to ALL) You all seem a bit bedraggled for wandering dark and dank roads unknown. What brings you down these black paths? Are you fleeing the rather large fire off in the distance – I do hope those are not your homes aflame? Not refugees! Please don’t be refugees, I cannot bring myself to pity another helpless, hapless soul. I myself was just on my way to investigate the bedlam when I was set upon by that evil little… Is it just me or is it suddenly quieter now than before we met?


Speed: 8
Power: 9

[Movement: I stop]
[Verbal: Yeah… now that I think about it, it is more quiet.]
[Action: I observe the surrounding area, looking for danger.]


CORWIN: Looking for movement, you are unable to see much of anything other than your fellow travelers. However you catch a quick flash of two shiny green lights (Almost eye like).

KARCADIAN: Taking a swig from the Flask, (1/3 of it. leaving 1/3 left.) You feel your wounds heal and the blood dry upon your skin. Healing you for 10hp.

CUODIN: The hairs on the back of your neck stand up. (On your next speed roll, you will need to get 5 or above to avoid the coming danger!)

MATTIX: Looking for danger, you also catch a glimpse of a pair of shiny green lights in the forest.

EVERYONE: A deep growling sound could be heard… Seemingly from all directions, surrounding the travelers…

Speed 4
Power 7

(Thought) Trouble is sure to follow us, at least there is more of it; What a cocky pup. Lets see if he is as majestic as he says he is.

(Movement) I go into a sturdy stance; both hands around the mid shaft.

(Verbal ) There is something in the trees. I would suggest we close ranks quickly.

(Action) Stay in battle stance; waiting for an attack.


Speed: 7
Power: 3

Verbal: These ugly things are relentless! Mind if I step a bit closer? I feel like too easy a target all by my onesie over here. Not afraid or anything, just… Maybe a little worried.

Action: I scoop up another fist- sized rock, and reach for my sword.

Movement: Without waiting for the group to answer, I move to join their ranks.


Speed: 5
Power: 5

[Thoughts: This will be difficult to escape. Depending on how many there are will determine our chances for survival, we have yet to see this Cuodin the Great in action, his words seem gallant enough, we’ll see if he can prove himself as Corwin and Karcadian have.]

[Movement: I stand as if nothing has changed.]

[Action: I close my eyes and listen to the low gutteral growling of the beasts who seemingly surround us, attempting to count their individual positions, I focus my mind and listen intently, how many do I hear and where are they?]


CORWIN: Taking a battle stance, you see a massive Zombie Lion leap out of the trees towards Cuodin! (Being ready for battle, and in range due to the length of your spear, you’ve been granted an attack of opportunity giving you +2 to your attack!)

CUODIN: Moving quickly towards the group, you hear a roar closely behind you. Moving just in time, you avoid the Zombie Lion’s ambush!

MATTIX: After seeing this massive Zombie Lion lurch out onto the road, you focus your listening and are able to hear at least 3 other lions around you and the group, possibly more…

LION 1 The Zombie Lion roars menacingly! Blood dripping from its jaws… It lowers itself to the ground, readying for another attack!


Speed 7
Power 12

(Thought) These are not of the Courts of Chaos. They are from beyond that; They almost seem to be born from the black road.

(Movement) I run towards zombie lion.

(Action) I feign an attack for the head, last second aim for the neck and a little in front of foreleg. Trying to run it through and pin it to the ground.

(Verbal) (while plunging the spear into the lion) Curse this infernal pit. May you go to back into it’s depths!!!


CORWIN: Speeding towards the Lion, you feign at its head and spear it through the neck, successfully pinning it to the ground! Attempting to roar, the only sound that escaped it was the sound of Gargling blood as its demon like eyes faded into nothing.

LION 1: No action! (Death)

LION 2: Lurches from the trees! Swiping at Mattix, dealing -3 damage!

LION 3: Lurches from the trees! Biting down on Karcadian’s Leg for -4 damage!

LION 4: Lurches from the Upper Tree Branches! Landing on Coudin’s back, biting the back of his neck! - 6 damage!

LION 5: Lurches from the Bushes nearby! Tackles Corwin from behind, attempting to drag him into the woods… -1 damage!


Speed 5
Power 7

(Thought) Of course there is more than one, I should have waited.

(Action) I let go of the spear and reach for my sword that is sheathed on my back.

(Movement) I try to roll over so that I can see the zombie lion.


Speed 6
Power 6

Thought (Darn it all! Why me! Why am I always the tasty treat!)

(Action) With a disturbing creature attached to my life I am going to use the fireball spell I learned and aim straight for it’s face…praying that it doesnt backfire.

(Movement) Get up and move away from the lion attacking me if possible.

(verbal) Group up! We don’t want to be to far spread!


Speed: 7
Power: 5

[Thoughts: 5 Lions, 4 companions I’d say this is a fairly even fight!]

[Action: Grasping the burning sword I spin into the LION (2) swipe attack accepting further damage and plunging the flaming steel deep into its jaw and impaling its brain.]


CORWIN: Spinning around, and unsheathing your sword, your eyes meet its blank staring pupils. It lurches out again! Biting onto your throat, with a deadly grip… However it continues dragging you towards the tree line… Leaving you unharmed….

KARCADIAN: A burning surge flows through you! A fireball emerges from your fingertips, and explodes in the lions face, sending it flying 10 feet and obliterating it! (Due to your current undead state, your flesh is dry and flamable. You take -1 damage!)

MATTIX: Spining your magic sword, flames erupt from its edges! (Everyone take -1 damage!) The blade, Slamming into the lions skull and decapitates it. Sending brain flying into the nearby trees!


Speed: 2
Power: 3

(Thought) What is going on? It could easily rip my throat out, but it does not… there is something wrong with them, it is as if the want help.

(Action) I lower my sword slightly.

(Movement) I let the lion take me towards the treeline.

(verbal) I think these creatures mean us no harm. I am going to go with this one, but keep your guard up. Also grab my spear.


Speed: 5
Power: 7

[Thoughts: Why is that LION dragging Corwin into the woods…?
It must be a trap. There’s probably more of them just beyond the trees and Corwin is the bait. Or…. they want to capture him alive… perhaps there is something else beyond the brush…]

[ Verbal: the beasts owners perhaps?]

[Movement: I rush the ZOMBIE LION, dodging past Cuodin and Leaping into the air…]

[Action: I strike down hard upon the ZOMBIE LION’s exposed neck, attempting to separate its head from Cuodin- as well as from its own body!]


Speed: 7
Power: 7

Thought: I’m DEAD! Wait? I’m… not… dead? I’m mad. I’m hurt. I’m… bleeding from the head!?

Action: I spin around, swinging my rock-fist in one hand and sword in the other with all my quickly fading strength at the same LION Mattix is rescuing me from.

Movement: Without waiting to see what if any damage I’ve caused LION 4, I run to Karcadian’s side (since he’s apparently got a great fiery weapon).

Verbal: Blood for blood, you demon Lion! Karcadian! Burn the one that’s got Corwin! And… is that healing potion gone? I feel a bit… woozy…





LION 4: Takes another bite at Cuodin! Dealing -2 damage!

LION 5: Pulls Corwin into the woods!

CORWIN: The Lion(5) pulls you into the woods, you hear bushes cracking as your being pulled. You lose sight of your fellow travelers but can still hear them faintly calling out to one another. Then suddenly you feel a drop! You feel your body falling through the air and then hitting a dank cavern floor below, cracking thunder was the last sound you heard, before the hole from which you were dropped into, closed behind you… Drumming began to play in the darkness.

MATTIX: Rushing at the Lion, you cleave its head from its body! Forcing its release of Coudin, dropping it to the ground with a crunch!

COUDIN: Bashing the nearly headless lion with your rock and sword, you smash it into the ground finishing it off!
(Upon reaching -8 health, you reach -4 sanity and have rolled a chance “Undead Ability”) A terrifying scream erupts from you! The Headless Call
The sound of beating horse hooves thunder around the glade, massive horsemen spirits trample all in their path!
Hidden lions could be heard all around you hissing in terror, running from you and your fellow travelers. Everyone (Except Corwin) takes -4 damage.


Speed: 4
Power: 10

(Thought) I am a dunce, what was I thinking? Let the lion drag me it wants help. I am a moron.

(verbal) as I look around into the darkness At least this time I am not in chains.

(Action) I sheath my sword as I get up.

(Movement) I stick my foot out in front of me I a sweeping motion. Feeling the floor with my foot, so I do not stumble or fall. Walking cautiously in the direction I think the drums are coming from.


Speed 4
Power 7

(Thought) What in the heck was that noise….I feel a bit….oh boy…Not more injuries. I think i’m in some serious trouble if I keep getting hurt like this. What in the world is happening in this place! Everthing seems to be out to get us.

(Verbal) What’s happening! Where’s Corwin! I’m sorry I couldn’t attack faster! Q are you alright? How injured are you? Mattix, give me an update on you! How well off are you?

(Action) I get back on my feet and try to take an assessment of the situation and where we all stand.

(Movement) None.

[I lost track of my stats. Any chance I could get an updated one.


[Thoughts: I’m fine, but Cuodin is out of control..]

[Verbal: What Cuodin did though… That may have just saved us all.]

[Movement: I dash to the trees after Corwin, although upon reaching the trees I stop and enter as quietly as I can.]

[Action: I use the burning sword as a torch to light up the way, preparing mentally for an immediate parry or reposte to an attack.]


CORWIN: Looking around in the darkness you see two other figures stumbling around in the dark… The drumming grows louder as you move towards it, sweeping the floor with your foot, you hear a clinking sound, you brushed over something small. Coin sized.

@ Zanark: You hear drumming in the dark! You do not remember how you got here.

@ Zenon: You hear drumming in the dark! You do not remember how you got here.

Comment with the following…
Speed Roll: 1d6 + Bonus
Power Roll: 1d8 + Bonus

1 movement action: Within 30 feet. In combat.

1 Attack action: Within range

1 Verbal action: To yourself or those in hearing distance

Or negate 1 or more of the three. Forfeiting an action or turn.

KARCADIAN: Climbing to your feet and looking around, you see your fallen foes and your wounded allies. (Self Status update: Currently -9hp, and -4sanity)

MATTIX: Entering through the trees, and your sword ablaze. You hear the far off lions fleeing and roaring, turning on each other. You see drag marks through the muddy ground, dotted with blood.


Speed Roll 5
Power Roll 6

(Thought) Who are these people? Probably more people brought here, but I need to be careful. I wonder why the Lion brought me here?

(Action) I lean down and pick of the object. I place it in my bag so I can examine it later. I keep a firm grip on my sword.

(Movement) I move to the closest wall. I walk along it towards the beating of the drums.

(Verbal) Welcome to this land of putrid smoke and clouded mirrors. What brings you to the outskirts of Hell?


speed roll 6
power roll 4

i walk in to the dark were the drumming is


[Action: I kneel down to take a closer look at the blood and the track marks. Looking for any signs of where the last lion may have veered course, I also look closely to see if there are tracks of any other potential threats.]

[Thoughts: There isn’t much blood here, as far as I can tell Corwins neck is still intact up to this point.]

[Verbal: (low, but audible) Corwin, are you close by?]

[Movement: I continue to follow the muddy drag marks.]


Speed: 5
Power: 4

[Verbal: These wounds are gonna be the death of me. Q….what do we do now? Do we go after Corwin and Mattix now…or just wait for their return. I don’t know how much longer I can go so wounded. I feel myself slipping.]

[Thoughts: With the wounds and the lack of sanity I am sure to be a burden to the group. What do I do…. I can’t slow them down and miss the chance of saving Corwin…but can I survive on my own.]

[Movement: Stand around and wait….]


CORWIN: A flashback enters your mind. You remember your time being locked away and being forgotten. The dank cell you were held in, eventually becoming your tomb. You remember faint echo’s of voices in your soul. The muffled voice of your eldest brother, walking with a Gigantic black rotting lion, Just before the light left from your eyes. Snapping back to the present, and Picking up the object, you hear a slight hum resonating from it. Up ahead you see dozens of Shaedor chanting and screaming to the beat of the drum in a dimly lit cavern, their voices sounded almost spiderlike. Tilting its neck, the largest of them locked eyes with yours… The drumming stopped.

ZENON Upon walking into the dark towards the drumming, you see another person walking beside you. Suddenly with the drumming stopped, a most ugly creature the size of a child, rushes up to you and stairs into your eyes not half an inch from your nose, clutching onto the rocky wall to meet your height… It smelt of rotted flesh, and pus oozed from its eyes….

MATTIX: Upon inspecting the tracks, you see a multitude of lion prints veering off in every direction. However you notice the lion who abducted Corwin tracks are slightly different. Almost bigger, and less skeleton like. After following the trail, it does not take you long to find its end. Confusingly so, however. It seems as if the tracks stopped dead in the middle of a dark wooden glade.

KARCADIAN: Waiting for your fellow travelers response, you hear the thunder getting louder… With a crack of lightning, you feel the ground rumble. The trees from all around you ripped themselves from the ground, sliding over their roots shifting their positions, the trees moaned in the wind as the rain grew heavier, almost blinding. With another crack of lighting the trees stopped. To your left appeared a new opening into the woods. The humming sound the old man spoke of, blasted with a new found strength, piercing your ears. Coming from the direction of the new path.


Speed Roll 2
Power Roll 6

(Thought) What was that? Was that a memory? It can’t be I did not die in that cell…or did I? No, I remember escaping with the help of the doctor. Also we never had a Lion in Amber. So was that then a premonition of the future if I stay on this path? No I do not think so, even if it was I will change it.

[After the Shaedor and I lock eyes.]

There is no way that I can take these creatures on by myself. I do not know if I could take it on 1 v 1. I do not think that I could outrun it, maybe I could bargain with it?

(Action) I keep my sword drawn and try to look into the demons for a motive or desire.

(Movement) I walk closer to the group arms spread.

(Verbal) @ Shaedor As I was saying what are you doing in the outskirts of Hell? Should you not be it’s rulers? Surely, you should be at it’s core. (Thought: Please be right.) Unless there is an enemy too strong for all of you, keeping you here. Maybe we can come to an accord. Let me and my fellow adventures alone for now and I shall help you regain your place in Hell. Do you find this proposal agreeable?


Speed: 4
Power: 6

Action> Stumble after everyone else. Smiling…

Verbal> This party is getting bigger. Or deader. Or both… I feel funny. Does anyone have any food? My head hurts… am I hungover?


CORWIN: The largest of the Shaedor, (Seemingly the leader) jumped from its perch landing 10 feet below without a sound, keeping its gaze locked onto yours. Upon its feet touching the ground, the drumming ceased. Nothing but the drops of cave water could be heard as it glided towards you. Stopping an inch away, its shadow enveloped you. Staring into your eyes from a good 2 feet above for an uncomfortable solid minute.

COUDIN: A strange feeling falls over you. You feel as though your body is being torn in two. Purple light flashes before your eyes blinding you. Your vision clearing quickly, but a feeling of nausea remaining. You find yourself in a damp and dark cave, a Shaedor with a glowing purple staff beside you, chanting in some unknown language you can’t make out. On the other side of the Cave you can roughly see Corwin surrounded by many Shaedor.

Shaedor Leader: After a long pause, he spoke, voice deep like thunder. “You have read our minds, prince of Amber. We seek freedom from eternal death, to reach our rightful place among the stars.” Beckoning you both to follow him, he walked through a dark tunnel opening in the cave, and continued to speak. “We are in Hell, as you may have realized. We are kept here by the Dark Lion. Once slaves to his rule, as many of our kind continue to be….." Pausing his sentence, he awaits your decision to follow or respond.


Speed 6
Power 5

Action: Shake my head gently, squeezing my eyes shut.

Movement: I slump down to the cave floor, only barely holding myself in a sitting position…

Verbal: (to the staff-wielding shaedor) Make it quick, Cuodin the Carnivorous is going to retch if you don’t. Wouldn’t… ugh… want to ruin your cave…


Speed Roll 4
Power Roll 7

(Thought) I get to live another day.

(Action) I sheath my sword.

(Movement) I follow the Shaedor

(Verbal) Tell me how this happened. (I look at Cuodin) Get up, lets go Cuodin.


Shaedor Leader: Answering Corwin’s question, “We, like you, were once human. When a human dies, it is told that if they lived a good life, they would take their place among the stars. And if not; they would be cursed to exist in hell as Shaedor… The Dark Lion did something. Something…. unspeakable! Preventing the good from taking their rightful place. To instead become slaves to the dark. It is only a matter of time before you…….Wait….”
The ground began to shake violently.
“NO!….. HE IS HERE!”
The cave began to collapse! Sharp rocks fell from the cave ceiling.

COUDIN: Next to the staff-wielding Shaedor, a most ugly creature the size of a child, rushes up to you and stairs into your eyes not half an inch from your nose. It smelt of rotted flesh, and pus oozed from its eyes…. looking all too eager for you to vomit…. (Maybe its hungry?)
Suddenly you feel the ground shake Violently! (Speed check, 6 passed) You nearly dodge a sharp cave rock falling from above! It slams into the tiny, ugly creature splattering its guts all over the walls.. After hearing the Shaedor leader yelling for you to leave, you feel the staff-wielding Shaedor’s grasp on the back of your head, another burning sensation and you feel the cold touch of grass, just before passing out…."

CORWIN: You see Coudin disappear in a flash of Purple Light! You see a massive cave rock falling from above, (Speed check, 4 failed). You are unable to move in time as the giant rock crushes the Shaedor leader! High pitched Shaedor screams erupt around you, piercing your ears! Rock pieces shatter into your eyes, blinded by your own blood, you can barely make out shadows. A Lion’s roar so loud forces you to your knees in pain, you feel blood trickling down your ears. A burning pain enters your body, a flash of purple! Passing out, all went silent….

Shadowborn Shadowborn

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