A storm brewing..
A storm brewing..

Awakening… and in pain. The hero’s found themselves in a village. It was an ungodly site to be seen. Thunder crashed overhead, whilst drops of rain splashed upon the cold rigid bodies hanging from the village homes… The subtle hum could be heard… But nearly drowned out by the pouring rain. The sound seemed to be coming from an old wishing well. An image was carved into one of the stones, it appeared to be an undead creature, dropping something into the well. A mysterious magical force field seemed to be blocking entrance to it. The words of the strange old man in the road echoed on the wind…

With a humming sound
A shining coin is tossed
In hopes that luck will come
In the worst of times,
It must be true for some.


Run or fly. Either way, In Hell, one dies.
Scene 2: Where is that laughter coming from?

Bleeding and weary… The hero’s licked their wounds and burned the evil village Brimhall to the ground. It seemed to be a place of ritual for the dark beings, a place of evil and suffering…. After finding hidden magical artifacts, it is questioned as to who hid them there. Each question brought up another… “Where am I? Who are you? What is that? How did I get here?” Confusion seemed to be riddled throughout this land and with it came destruction and misery. It will take truly determined minds to find ones path here…. With only bad memories to call upon, to escape with ones mind still intact, would be a feat indeed.

Watching the village burn, the hero’s hear another strange humming noise, similar to the first. But this time it was accompanied by cheery laughter. Leading deep into the woods. Mugs of Ale could be heard clanking against another, with this sound came a feeling, a peculiar, yet familiar feeling…


So it TRULY begins...
Scene 1

Each hero found themselves wandering aimlessly alone through a black forest, deep in a trance and led by a force that could only be sorcery, days, months, or years have passed by. You cannot tell which. The smell of rotting flesh hung heavily in the air. Ravens were perched up high in the thorn infested branches, watching. After wandering for what seemed ages in time, they came upon an abandoned village… A thick plague hung heavily overhead. Far ahead you see multiple figures, watching.

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