So it TRULY begins...

Scene 1

Each hero found themselves wandering aimlessly alone through a black forest, deep in a trance and led by a force that could only be sorcery, days, months, or years have passed by. You cannot tell which. The smell of rotting flesh hung heavily in the air. Ravens were perched up high in the thorn infested branches, watching. After wandering for what seemed ages in time, they came upon an abandoned village… A thick plague hung heavily overhead. Far ahead you see multiple figures, watching.


Comment with the following…

1 movement action: Within 30 feet. In combat.

1 Attack action: Within range

1 Verbal action: To yourself or those in hearing distance

Or negate 1 or more of the three. Forfeiting an action or turn.

So it TRULY begins...

I leave the beaten path, to stealthily walk beside it. Keeping an eye out for anything that moves.

So it TRULY begins...

I move behind some trees and continue towards the figures ahead, all the while searching for any loose objects that might come in handy during the potential encounter.

So it TRULY begins...

Having come across an abandoned village, I feel it necessary to move towards one of the buildings to search within, while maintaining an alertness with the figures intent.

So it TRULY begins...

CORWIN: Leaving the beaten path, being of tall stature, you notice nothing around is tall enough to fully cloak you. However you are able to move from tree to tree unnoticed with some help from the thick mist… You catch a glimpse of a large dark figure through the corner of your eye, but before you are able to make out what it is, you feel the earth beneath you give way… (roll a 1d6, and copy the result below!) Dice Rolling Site

MATTIX: Being of Medium height, the trees hide you completely. Moving along a ridge you search, raking your fingers through the fallen leaves you find something sharp, cutting your finger. You find a hidden pit full of spears and armed animal traps. You hear a loud snap not far away.

KARCADIAN: You notice two figures have disappeared into the mist, their intent unclear. Upon entering the building you see dead bodies covering the floor 4 feet high. Looking around, Two red eyes catch your gaze in the shadows above, staring into yours. (roll a 1d6, and copy the result below!) Dice Rolling Site

So it TRULY begins...

I rolled a 5

So it TRULY begins...

Base speed = 11 Current bonus = 0

Sensing the ground beneath you giving way, you lurch sideways grasping the side of the pit. An emerging spear only nicks you, causing no real harm. A shrill laughter could be heard from all around you…

So it TRULY begins...

I rolled a 5 as well

So it TRULY begins...

The creature lets out a loud screech as it barrels towards you. The dead bodies begin to stir. Unable to move in time, the creature, rapps its limbs around you, and begins to bite.

You take -4 damage bringing you to -3hp.
You recieve -1 to your sanity!

So it TRULY begins...

I kick at one of the spears to see if their shaft breaks near the base. If the do I lower myself to the bottom and start collecting all the spears into a bundle. If not I get out of the pit. I start making my way along the roadside carefully and quietly.

So it TRULY begins...

(Why me….why am I the wimp =P)

I reach for the nearest object and swing at the creature in attempt to make it release me, then make a quick scramble for the outside before the dead decide to rise.

So it TRULY begins...

I reach down and test the spear softly, then grab the shaft and uproot it from the pit. Maintaining a keen focus on the direction of the snap I move quietly towards the loud screech ahead, being careful to avoid any piles of leaves that might give way.

So it TRULY begins...

CORWIN: The laughing continues… It almost seems to be coming from inside your own mind! (Attack Action) Upon kicking the spear, it breaks away easily. It looks as if these traps were made in a hurry and very old. You are able to carry 4 spears without too much difficulty. (Movement) With some difficulty you are able to climb out of the pit, and stealthily move up the roadside about 28 feet, bringing you to the base of the village. You see scattered bodies around the village start to stir..

KARCADIAN: (Attack Action) Grabbing a loose cobblestone nearby, you hit it with all your force: Base Strength = 16, Bonus = 3
Landing a blow to the side of its head, you deal 4 damage!
Angered! it bites you again, refusing to release you. You take -2 damage, and receive -1 to your sanity!
(Movement) Making a quick scramble for the door, you are able to get halfway through it before a hand from the mess of bodies grips your ankle…

MATTIX: You are able to uproot the spear with ease, making your way towards the screech you see a horrid undead creature trying to escape a building, seemingly attacked by something of which you cannot make out, as to what it is. Keeping attention in the direction of the snap, you look to your right, you see nothing. However, in your peripheral vision, you see a dark shadowy figure biting at the undead creature’s body. Looking back directly at it.. You can no longer see it.

So it TRULY begins...

Am I able to see Karcadian?

So it TRULY begins...

(Negative. You are on the other side of the building. However, you can hear the struggle coming from the other side, and would be able to JUST barely get within an 8 foot distance to them using your 30 feet movement action)

So it TRULY begins...

Does the roof look sturdy?

So it TRULY begins...

Some spots are sketchy. But others parts have held up well. Being tall you could probably scramble your way to the top.

Roll a 1d8, needing to get above 5. (You can add your power modifier, which is +3)

So it TRULY begins...

(Rough sketch of current positions)


So it TRULY begins...

Thank you. I run to the building, throw my spears on top and hoist myself up. (I rolled a 7 + 3 =10) i yell, “show me that creatures back!” As I hurl a spear towards it.

So it TRULY begins...

Hearing Corwin yell, I muster what strength I have in an attempt to get the creatures back facing the correct way.

Do I currently have any useable spells?

So it TRULY begins...

Amazed at the illusion being played on my eyes I look at the monster grappling an all but helpless undead, and then away again- a few more times and I am certain: the illusion magic surrounding the monster can only be seen through using my peripheral vision! I move to the beaten path quickening my pace towards the now audible humanoids, spotting another one hurling a spear from a nearing rooftop I stop abruptly and observe the situation and surrounding area, waiting to see what happens when the flying spear impacts…I also Open my ears to the potential twig snapping stalker i sensed behind me…
(Listen check, do I hear anything else behind me? How far away does it feel? Sight check when look directly at the semi invisible monster and then blur my vision by narrowing in on a space 5 ft in front me, do I see the monster with my now unfocused vision?)

So it TRULY begins...

Q. Answers. (@ Karcadian. Currently neither you or Corwin have spells. As magic users, you will need to find magical text to learn a spell.)

CORWIN: Throwing the spear, it whistles with speed towards the Creature. As the spear flies, the creature lets out a loud eerie laugh, echoing throughout the village, suddenly seeming to disappear. You hear the same voice in your mind once again laughing. But this time it soon becomes the voice of your eldest brother, Images of your once chained hands cloud your vision, the sound of chains clanking beat against your ear drums. (You take -2 to your sanity!)

KARCADIAN: You are able to expose its back to Corwin’s spear, it gives no struggle. But upon hearing the laugh, you feel it leave you. Exposing you to Corwin’s spear. The whistle, ringing in your years…. Images of your old home burning cloud your vision. (you receive -1 to your speed for one round! Roll a 1d6 speed check needing to get a 3 or higher, to dodge the spear!)

MATTIX: Watching from afar, you see the struggle take place before you. Unfortunately you notice the creature cannot be seen through blurred vision, only through the corner of ones eye. However your listen check was successful. Turning you see another Creature standing before you, clear and easy to see, smiling evilly back at you.

So it TRULY begins...

I rolled a 4

So it TRULY begins...

I go to one knee and punch the roof in frustration, I look up and yell, “Eric, you are the bastard child! You are not meant to be king. One day I shall exact my justice, flesh for flesh.” ( did the corpses disappear as well?)

So it TRULY begins...

You dodge the spear just in time! 10 feet away the Shaedor smiles at you, licking your blood from its lips. What do you do?

So it TRULY begins...

(@ Corwin, the corpses are rising but are very slow. Many are half bodies, or burnt very badly.)

So it TRULY begins...

I see the corpses moving and view this whole scenario as a set up by my elder bastard brother. I jump down and start to hack the corpses to pieces.

So it TRULY begins...

I will scramble to me feet, clearly in immense pain, pull out my Bow and arrow and fire a shot at the Shaedor. Yelling to Corwin “I think I’m bleeding! What do we do!”

So it TRULY begins...

[Thoughts: I look up at the ominous creature of shadow and see its wicked, twisted mouth baring down at me. Glancing back I see the others yell out insanely grasping their minds and then attacking with what seems to be an increased frenzy, a look sideways and I see their attacker vanish and then reappear nearby. As I stare back into the shadow monsters formidable eyes I begin to wonder how long I’ve been here. I don’t even remember coming into the forest… just everything before. No, this isn’t the time to reminisce, these creatures want something… that twisted, insane smile wants something…

I feel the memories of that violent day come flooding back. Those same instincts I felt before—and that moment when my own face looked… when I too wanted…]

I look up and smile back.

[Movement: Clutching my spear close to me in case it attempts a grapple, I whip around and dash towards the others]

[Attack: Upon reaching the attacking shaedor, I jump and swing my spear in a wide circle to catch it off guard, aiming to land with my back to Karcadian in a defensive position]

[Verbal: I say loud enough for my allies to hear, “Keep our backs together and we can fend the shadows off without losing sight of them!”’]

So it TRULY begins...

New Positions!

SHAEDOR 1: Piercing Screech! Everyone take -2 to your sanity!

SHAEDOR 2: Piercing Screech! Everyone take -2 to your sanity!

CORWIN: Upon reaching -6 sanity, you go temporally insane! Entering Blood Lust, you become immune to damage for one round, but seek blood for 2 turns, be it from FRIEND or FOE. As you begin to attack the moving corpses you notice they are opening themselves up to your attacks, almost as if begging for the release of death. Seemingly unable to make any sound, other than groaning in pain, they continually crawl towards you, grasping at your clothes. As you kill the first one, a loud angry screech comes from the Shaedor closest to you. Preparing to charge…

Karcadian: Upon reaching -6 sanity, you go temporally insane! Feeling an Unknown Magic surge within you, you notch an arrow to your Bow, feeling no need to aim, and fire it with immense speed! Whistling through the air, the arrow breaks off into multiple magic shards hitting everything within 30 yards. (Everyone but Karcadian, take -4 damage!) The Shaedor screech in pain!

MATTIX: You cleave at the Shaedor with all your power! Power = 15, Bonus = 2
Landing a blow to its rib cage from behind, you slam it to the ground, with a loud crack! Catching it off guard and Stopping it mid charge towards Corwin. (You deal 12 damage!) Your back now towards Karcadian and Corwin, you hear the other Shaedor screech with anger! Flashes of streaming blood enter your mind, you hear children crying and people screaming. Looking down your hands appear covered in blood. You hear its shrill menacing voice enter your mind saying, “Murderer!” (You take -1 to your sanity!)

So it TRULY begins...

Also! (For future) Lets go with a 1d6 for speed actions. And a 1d8 for power actions. Roll both for each turn, pasting the results like so:

Speed Roll: 4 + “Bonus”
Power Roll: 7 + “Bonus”


(P.S. Check your character sheets for bonus’)

So it TRULY begins...

Speed (11) + Roll (3) + Bonus =14
Power (17) + Roll (6) + bonus = 23

What does 14 speed give me? Or is that so you can tell the story without needing a roll first?

So it TRULY begins...

So I can tell the story ;).

So in this case you would do this.

Speed: 3 + 0

Power: 6 + 3

For your base stats, you get a bonus for every two, like follows…

11 = 0
12 = 1
13 = 1
14 = 2
15 = 2
16 = 3….

And so on. (Sorry should have explained this earlier)

So it TRULY begins...

speed 3 power 9.

How much control do I actually have while insane?

So it TRULY begins...

Apart from the occasional random action you can function normally.
(Im rolling dice to determine if something random happens to you. )
Finishing a battle will drop your insanity down by half. And you can drop it lower by resting/finding flasks.

So it TRULY begins...

okay so I am not insane (i.e cant control my character). Do our characters know about blood lust and what nots?

So it TRULY begins...

Temporally insane. Or “unpredictable” even to your self while the effect lasts. So i.e. Your current status. “Blood lust”
Say you choose to attack the shaedor.
I then roll a dice to see if you do indeed attack it, or if Mattix starts to really look like a shaedor to you and you instead attack him.

Basically just adds a conditonal, that may or may not alter your intended action.

Edit : Your characters are unaware until they have experienced or seen it. ( there are many more “insane actions” i have yet to upload to the Wiki.) Which will be revealed upon experiencing or seeing it

So it TRULY begins...

speed 3 power 9.

I charge the second shaedor I slash at its neck.

So it TRULY begins...

I remain where I am to avoid getting in anyone’s way. I don’t feel like being the victim of an attack after what just happened. Knowing that these are creatures that enjoy the dark, I pull out my torch and light it in an attempt to give us some light and keep the shadows at bay.

Imaged run through my head of the night I was exiled. My mother screaming at me and disowning me. The insanity sets in and drives my emotions downward.

I say outloud to those around me “I’m sorry…It wasn’t my fault…I didn’t know that would happen”

Speed: 5
Power : 5 +3

So it TRULY begins...

[Thoughts: I am surprised and enraged by the arrows blast, I can sense that my (-5) sanity is on the verge of breaking. I take notice of the mages comment, I see that that both of them were overcome by their wounds and forced into some kind of frenzy. This must be some type of insane magic in this land. If it affects both of them then it probably affects me… but who knows what I might do, judging from my past I could easily lose my humanity once again, and there’s no telling what I might do. But… it seems I’ve already lost my sense of time, and there’s no telling how long I might last out here if I don’t do something! Looking one last time into my despairing past I see the irony that someone like me would be led to such a dark and twisted fate: and here I am now, also prey to a creature without mercy; creatures who are more alike myself than my fellow prey next to me, the fate is laughable and hysterical indeed, leaving only one thing left for me to do…]

[Attack: I take my spear and plunge it into my chest (-4d). I release a shocked gasp and then… a maniacal laugh breaks my lips. A stab to my side (-3d). Faces of those I’ve cut asunder gather around me. I slash myself open (-3d). A woman and her son reaching out towards me as the flames lick my mind and purge the weeping darkness, I see my hand fall and my sword taste their blood… cutting my wrist open (-1d)… I force the laughter louder, accepting the fear and encourage my terror to a final masochistic attack; gashing a permanent wicked smile into my face (-2d).]

[Verbal: I laugh as blood drips fro my lips, “Let what new mind becomes us— my insane friends, let become us! Huhuhahahaha”]

So it TRULY begins...

CORWIN: Lunging at the Shaedors neck, its brittle spine breaks at the collarbone. Its bones crumble to the ground in a puff of black smoke.

KARCADIAN: Remaining still, you fight the urge to do something insane successfully. Pulling out your torch, the village around you becomes more clear, the once moving corpses seem to be still.

MATTIX: Upon plunging your spear into your Chest, you go insane! (If you weren’t already in the first place!) Upon entering Mania you feel invulnerable and seek the fastest way to harm yourself, you continually stab yourself repeatedly. Taking -13 damage!

As the dust on the battlefield settles, you are all able to hear a mysterious humming noise come from within the house nearest you… What do you do?

So it TRULY begins...

Speed 0+1
power 3+2

(Verbally) I vote we should burn this place. There is so much death here and those creatures call this home. Also we need to get you both to a physician. We should cauterize the wounds though so you do not die from blood lose which is another reason to start a fire here. I am going to make a travois with two spears and blanket So that the wounded may rest but we can still travel. Will one of you two start the fire?

(moment) I go get the other spears and bring them all together.

(attack) I break one of the spears for the bottom and the top crossbars. and use my blanket to tie it all together and give it some sort of support.

So it TRULY begins...

I stop stabbing myself and calm myself down, realizing that I am bleeding profusely I agree with Corwin.

[Verbal: "Good call, we probably will want to bunker down for the night unless any of you remember seeing a sancturary close by, not that I’m not a fan of this place already… I think our friend here might have the torches needed to make a fire… but we’ll need some more wood. "]

[Thoughts: Grr I still have the urge to stab myself, perhaps that was premature; those creatures were hostile, but not as strong as I had supposed or… perhaps my two new found allies are born from battle, the way they fought, they must also have a war forged past. I wonder what their story is…ending my pondering I look around wondering if there are more of those creatures around, is there any sancturary in a place like this? Maybe there’s some wood I can get a hold of from inside the house—and what’s that humming noise?]

[Action: I start towards the house, determined to discover the source of the humming noise and gather some wood.]

So it TRULY begins...

With the torch in my hand I illuminate the world around us and see more of the hell we are in.

[Verbal: I’ve got a torch to start the fire. I almost feel that we may need to burn the buildings completely and stop the evil from spreading. Whatever this place is…I don’t like the feeling it gives me.]

[Movement: Confused about the humming noise I slowly make my way behind Mattix to assist in the gathering of extra wood and provide continuous light with the torch. I continue to search for anything that may be of use to us to help get through the night.]

Speed: 5
Power: 6

So it TRULY begins...

Upon investigating the humming noise, you notice a subtle glow underneath a loose floorboard inside the run down home.

So it TRULY begins...

Speed 0+1
power 3+2

I finish making the travois and lay it on the ground. I take out some of my clothes and rip them into strips.

(thoughts: What the crap was that? he stabbed himself several times. Is he wanting to die? At least the other one seems normal. I wonder who put us here? Where is here?)

(Movement and attack) I go to the nearby trees and start cutting off dead branches. When I have a armful I go towards the house.

(Verbal) Let’s start the fire in the house. That seems to be the nesting place of those things.

So it TRULY begins...

Speed 3+6=9
Power 2+6=8

[Thoughts: What’s that glowing under the floorboard?]

[Movement: I move and kneel down by the loose floorboard.]

[Action/Attack: I attempt to pry the loose floor board open with the remnants of my spear.]

[Verbal: “What the…”]

So it TRULY begins...

Speed: 4
Power 6

[Verbal: “What is it…what’s down there?”]

[Movement: I take position behind Mattix keeping watch on his back to be sure that we aren’t attacked from behind while investigating the humming noise. Taking as sturdy as a stance as I can with my injuries.]

So it TRULY begins...

“Upon prying open the loose floorboards, the heroes found a hidden stash. It glowed with a magical essence that ceased upon grabbing it. Opening the multiple ransack cloth bags, they found….”

1x: Book: True Nature
1x: Book: Fire Casting
2x: Flasks
1x: Sword of burning

(Sort out the loot amongst yourselves!)

Wounds roughly bandaged, travois built and torches ablaze. The village begins to burn….

So it TRULY begins...

Speed 6
Power 6

(Verbally) As we are probably going to be traveling together I think introductions are in order. I am Corwin son of Oberon of Amber.

I will hold on to the two flask until we get the contents identified; unless someone wants to be the volunteer to drink this elixir of mystery. I would like to read the two books and see if there is any Magic that can be attached to an object and self casting with motions.

(Thought) Crazy person please do not take the flaming sword. The last thing we need is a looney setting himself on fire.

(Movement) I pull the travios with the most injured person on it to the main road.

I could not see the next scene

So it TRULY begins...
Shadowborn Shadowborn

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