A storm brewing..

A storm brewing..

Awakening… and in pain. The hero’s found themselves in a village. It was an ungodly site to be seen. Thunder crashed overhead, whilst drops of rain splashed upon the cold rigid bodies hanging from the village homes… The subtle hum could be heard… But nearly drowned out by the pouring rain. The sound seemed to be coming from an old wishing well. An image was carved into one of the stones, it appeared to be an undead creature, dropping something into the well. A mysterious magical force field seemed to be blocking entrance to it. The words of the strange old man in the road echoed on the wind…

With a humming sound
A shining coin is tossed
In hopes that luck will come
In the worst of times,
It must be true for some.



Speed Roll 4
Power Roll 6

(Thought) Where am I… I remember Cou the carnivorous following.. (then everything comes back to me. I punch the ground several times) I am too weak! I need to become stronger! I need to do it now. How can I ever rule if I am unable to save myself.

(Movement) I get up and go to the well.

(Action) I cut my hand and let a few drops of blood fall towards the force field.

(Verbal) The last times there was a hum, we found some stuff. I guess at the bottom of the well there is something as well.

A storm brewing..

CORWIN: As your blood drops fall, the humming grew slightly louder… And then returned to its original pitch. As it did so, the item you found upon the cave floor vibrated slightly from within your pocket. The image upon the well glowed slightly purple. The undead creature seemed to be dropping a coin into the well’s force field!

A storm brewing..

Speed Roll 5
Power Roll 7

(Thought) It seems that my blood was able to fall through the field. So i can presume that organic material can pass through safely.

(Verbal) Here goes nothing.

(Action) I toss the coin into the well

(Movement) and I jump into the well.

A storm brewing..
Shadowborn Shadowborn

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